We, the workers of ActBlue Technical Services, have formed a union with Communications Workers of America (CWA) in pursuit of a more equitable workplace.

We offer our thanks and solidarity to our peers in the existing ActBlue Union, representing our colleagues employed by ActBlue, for lighting the way.


Who we are

We are designers, data scientists, product and project managers, IT and system administrators, software engineers, and more. We see ourselves both as infrastructure for progressive movements and as part of a larger movement of progressive technical workers who seek to amplify the voices of the most marginalized.

Our values

We believe in the democratization we hope to enable through the technology we build, while remaining skeptical of claims that technology alone will bring about true justice and equity. And we are in solidarity with all workers; knowing full well our privileges in the tech sector are fleeting but shared power is enduring.

We seek workplace practices that are transparent, people-centered, and responsive to the diverse needs of our vibrant community both present and future. We seek ethical standards in our products that preserve trust and protect the vulnerable.

Our mission

We both acknowledge the many strides we’ve made over our 18 year history and commit to adapting with intention to the exigencies of this moment.

We are asking ActBlue to voluntarily recognize us by September 13, 2022 and bargain with us in good faith for a contract that will ensure ActBlue Technical Services’ future as an organization that lives up to its values.

Now, more than ever, we are unified by our deep commitment to both our mission and to one another. We build shared power.